Should the Eagles get immunity?

A hot topic around town over the last week has been whether the Eagles, and Philly’s other pro teams, should get some sort of immunity in light of the Phillies’ championship.


Mike Missanelli asked the question Thursday on 950-ESPN, with his feeling being the Eagles deserve a three-year window before the rabid criticism returns.


My hope is that fans and media hold the Eagles and the others to the same standard they always have.  



In his column this morning, The Inquirer’s John Gonzalez touched on Andy Reid’s press conference, smartly comparing Reid to the teacher from Charlie Brown. Of Reid’s answers, Gonzalez wrote: “All I heard was wawawawawa.”


I mentioned in an earlier post my disdain for the way Reid handles his press conferences. Gonzalez’s point also got me thinking about how little personality Reid’s players, likely taking a cue from their head coach, have had during his tenure.


There’s no substitute for winning, but a big reason this town fell in love with the Phillies is because of their personalities, from Howard, to Victorino, to Rollins and even Manuel. I could go on.


The Eagles, whether it’s corporate policy or not, are very bland – almost to a man. Sports are supposed to be fun, something Reid and the Eagles should remember.



The Sixers went 0-for-Florida with their 98-88 loss to Orlando last night. The Magic doubled Elton Brand at every chance and forced the others Sixers to beat them. Unfortunately for Philly, the others Sixers weren’t able to do that.


I’m not sure what to make of the Sixers right now. I saw them demolish the Knicks, looking good, and watched on TV when they did the same to the Kings. But losses to Toronto, Atlanta, Miami and Orlando – all Eastern Conference teams – have me wondering about this team.


My gut feeling is they should be among the top four teams in the watered-down, but improving East.


I’ll be in attendance when the Sixers next take the court, Tuesday at the Wachovia Center against the Jazz, and will learn some more about this team.



Philly Weekend Watch



Penn at Princeton football, 7 p.m.



New Hampshire at Villanova football, 3:30 p.m.

Tampa Bay at Flyers, 7 p.m.



Giants at Eagles, 8:15 p.m.

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2 Comments on “Should the Eagles get immunity?”

  1. phillies fan Says:

    you forgot penn st, but good think you did they took an L and looked bad doing it

  2. phillies fan Says:

    as far as the eagles are concerned…i’m still on a high over the phils so i dont think the team gets immunity but as far as winning the super bowl i think the city is ok with still enjoying the phils success and kind of fed up with the reid era….at least i am

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