Reid’s coaching more concerning than press conferences

Andy Reid’s (non)news conferences were a major topic on sports radio and in the newspapers on Thursday.


Reid’s (non)news conferences always have rubbed me the wrong way, with the coach’s refusal to answer legitimate questions troublesome, annoying, frustrating…you name it.


I don’t like it and think his act is wrong and completely unfair to loyal Eagles fans who deserve better based on the time, money and commitment they have made to following the team.


That said, Reid’s performance on the sidelines of late is far, far more alarming than anything he says – or doesn’t say – into a microphone.


And his coaching is concerning on many levels.


Like him or not, Reid has had a ton of success as head coach – one of the best in Eagles history.


In the beginning, his offense was innovative and his play-calling, while frustrating in its reliance on the pass, effective. These days, his offense is stale, his play-calling curious and his record mediocre.


Since the Super Bowl loss to New England following the 2004 season, Reid is 29-28.


Just an average coach.


Asked by a caller to his 610-WIP radio show Thursday night what the difference between 2004 and today’s Eagles, former Eagle Ike Reese, who played on that Super Bowl team, said it’s a combination of Reid and the talent before concluding that it’s Reid and his play-calling more than it’s the talent.


However, Reese also cited some deficiencies in talent, specifically tight end (L.J. Smith), safety (Brian Dawkins) and, interestingly, sporadic quarterback play (Donovan McNabb). It’s interesting because Reese is a McNabb backer.


It’s fairly obvious to the naked eye that Reid is just not the same coach today that he was five years ago.


And that, more than those futile (non)news conferences, is most concerning.



A commentator last week wondered why I excluded Penn State from my Philly weekend sports schedule (see below).


It’s simple: I don’t consider Penn State a Philly team. I grew up in South Jersey and have lived here my entire life, but never felt like the Nits were part of the fabric of Philadelphia sports.


I understand the Nits get some media coverage in Philly, but I don’t feel like they’re a Philly team.


I mean, State College (192 miles), according to google, is farther from Philadelphia than Washington, D.C. (137), Baltimore (97) and New York City (95.6).


Sure, it’s the state school of Pennsylvania and many around the country root for their state school regardless of the distance. But Philly isn’t a college football town. While I’m sure there are plenty of Penn State fans in Philly, I’ve never felt like the town lived and died with the Nits – not even close.


I love JoePa and all he represents, but sorry Penn State fans but you’re just not a Philly team.



Weekend sked




Sixers at Indiana, 7 p.m.

College Hoops

Rider at Saint Joseph’s at Wachovia Center, 7 p.m.

Temple vs. East Tennessee State at Charleston Tourney, 3 p.m.

Albany at Villanova, 8 p.m.




Flyers at Montreal, 7 p.m.


Oklahoma City at Sixers, 7 p.m.

College hoops

Morgan State at La Salle, 2 p.m.

Penn at North Carolina, 4 p.m.

Temple at Charleston Tourney, TBA

College football

Harvard at Penn, Noon

Towson at Villanova, 1 p.m.




Atlanta at Flyers, 7 p.m.


Eagles at Cincinnati, 1 p.m.

College hoops

Saint Joseph’s at Holy Cross, 4 p.m.

Temple at Charleston Tourney, TBA

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One Comment on “Reid’s coaching more concerning than press conferences”

  1. Bob Says:

    Its seems that Andy Reid takes blame an awful lot. The Bengals are a BAD football team, but on this past given Sunday, were not the worst team on the field. They came a yard or two from defeating the Eagles and everyone would be upset. A tie actually holds the naysayers off a week or two. The Eagles have run their course and its been a good run. Many organizations would love to trade places with them. But perhaps its time to turn the page and start fresh

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