Reid should make move to Kolb

Andy Reid did the predictable Monday – something he’s been doing all season on the sidelines – by trotting out the same nonsense in his news conference following Sunday’s 13-13 tie with the Bengals.


You’ve heard it before. He takes responsibility and he needs to do a better job, and the players and coaches need to follow suit.


No names. No reasons. No answers.


Just more of the same nonsense.


Reid’s act is tired. But, as stated here before, it’s what’s happening on the field that is of most concern, rather than the pointless drivel that he spouts out on Mondays.


Here’s what Reid should have done Monday:


Change the quarterback!


I don’t care that Donovan McNabb didn’t know there were ties in the NFL. There are lots of rules in lots of sports that athletes don’t know. Bottom line, he was trying to win the game.


What I do care about is that McNabb turned the ball over four times (3 INTs, 1 fumble) and completed just 28 of 58 pass attempts.


That’s just not good enough.


McNabb is not playing well, but I think it’s more the fact that, minus his mobility which he doesn’t seem to have anymore, he doesn’t fit into this offense – especially with such mediocre targets.


So, Reid should’ve told everyone today that he was going to Kevin Kolb. The team needs a spark and Kolb could provide one and give the team the push it needs for the playoffs.


Of course, Kolb could come out and get shelled and lose every game from here out.


But, really, would that be much worse than trotting out the same, tired product?


At least then, you’ll know what you have with Kolb.


The time for change is now. It’s too bad Reid doesn’t see it.



Goose lets loose: Interesting comments by Tony Siragusa in Sunday’s Inquirer, telling columnist John Gonzalez that players have to take things into their own hands if the coach is faltering.


“Donovan has to take control. When I was in Baltimore, they’d send in the plays, and if Ray Lewis didn’t like the call, we’d just do what we wanted. That’s when a team does well – when they take control.”


Among other interesting comments by Siragusa, he called Tiki Barber a “clown.”



Don’t listen to the handicappers: I always find it amusing when “professional” handicappers go on the radio and, with much the same arrogance Reid shows in his press conferences, tell people who will win on Saturdays or Sundays.


Whenever I can, I try to keep track of their picks and see how they do. (This is just for fun. I don’t bet on sports and don’t even play fantasy football. I can enjoy the games without wagering on them.)


Anyway, here’s how the guy (I’m not printing his name to give him free pub) on with Mike Miss on 950-ESPN did this weekend, based on the picks he gave on air:



Penn State -35 over Indy (Wrong)

Miss St +22 over Bama (Wrong)

South Carolina +22 over Florida (Wrong) and the under (Wrong)

Notre Dame -3 ½ over Navy (Right)



Bengals +8 ½ over Eagles (Right)

Redskins +1 ½ over Dallas (Wrong)

Titans over Jags (Right)


That’s 3 Rights and 5 Wrongs. Not good if you followed this guy’s advice.


The worst part about it is he got on the air Monday and bragged to Mike Miss about his good weekend, pointing out that he gave people over the air Notre Dame. Well, what about the five wrong?



Tuesday sked


College hoops

Penn at Drexel, 10 a.m.

Florida State at La Salle, 7 p.m.



That’s all for now.

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2 Comments on “Reid should make move to Kolb”

  1. phils fan Says:

    i agree that it may be time for a change at qb, but i dont think the coach should be far behind. if reid brings in kolb running the same boring predictable offense what should we expect?? granted 5 has struggled over the last couple of weeks but i dont put all the blame on him. i can remember brett favre throwing 6 int’s in a game!! QB’s just like all other players are subject to a bad game, but reids playcalling (or morningweighs) playcalling is very stale that i think there the bigger problem. 58 passes in a 13-13 game is too many…westbrook only had 4 carries in the first half?? i think mcnabb and reid need to be seperated, but just because mcnabb prbly will be gone, i dont know what more we should expect out of kolb…

  2. phillysportsbeat Says:

    I agree with everything you say here, but Reid isn’t going anywhere – not this year at least. The only chance, as I see it, to turn things around this year is to put Kolb in there.

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