Andy Reid to San Francisco?

Former colleague and Trenton Times columnist Mark Eckel said on his 610-WIP radio show Thursday night that it wouldn’t shock him if Eagles coach Andy Reid wound up in San Francisco next year as the 49ers’ head coach.


Eckel, as plugged into the Eagles as anyone covering the team, was merely giving an opinion. This wasn’t a factual report. For what it’s worth, according to Eckel, here’s how the dominoes would fall for Reid to wind up as 49ers coach in 2009…


After letting go of quasi-GM Tom Heckert, Eagles ownership would approach Reid and let him know they want to bring in a personnel guy who will have power over decisions – unlike now when Reid has the final say.


Then, they will ask Reid to fire some of his assistant coaches (see: special teams coordinator Rory Segrest and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg).


If this happens, Eckel believes Reid may then decide to bolt rather than give up his personnel power and/or fire his assistant coaches. Of course, Reid also could decide to stay under those circumstances as well.


So, that brings us to San Francisco.


Reid’s good friend and former boss Mike Holmgren is in his final year as Seahawks coach. Holmgren supposedly is going to take a year off in 2009.


But things change.


Maybe Holmgren winds up as GM with the 49ers, who just happen to have an interim coach (Mike Singletary) right now. Needing a coach, Holmgren calls his old friend Reid and Big Red is on the first plane to the Golden Gate City.


Again, it’s just conjecture. But it has some merit, especially coming from Eckel.



Un-friggin’-believable: Bad news from Phillies land as second baseman Chase Utley will miss 4-to-6 months due to hip surgery he’ll have next week. (BTW, pretty cool linking to the Phillies’ Web site and seeing “2008 World Champions” at the top of the site.)


My take: Surgery is always a tricky proposition, always a risk. I hope Utley comes back the same player, but there are no guarantees. The Phillies seem content to use Eric Bruntlett and, possibly, prospect Jason Donald during Utley’s absence. I’d prefer a better option.


In other news, the Phils and Rangers swapped outfield prospects with Philadelphia getting John Mayberry Jr. and Texas getting Greg Golson. Yawn.



So much for 10 bucks: Not that it’s surprising in today’s ticket-buying world, where everything comes with a fee (or fees), but it turns out those $10 Sixers tickets really aren’t $10.


(Update 11 a.m. Friday)


Davis upset with Brand: Clippers guard Baron Davis told the L.A. Times that he “has nothing to say” to Elton Brand. Brand recruited Davis to L.A. this summer before leaving for Philly.


The teams meet tonight at the Wachovia Center. Should be interesting.



Weekend sked (a very busy weekend)




Clippers at Sixers, 7 p.m.


Flyers at Buffalo, 7:30 p.m.

College hoops

La Salle vs. UConn in Virgin Islands, 6 p.m.

Temple at Lafayette, 8:30 p.m.




Phoenix at Flyers, 7 p.m.

College hoops

Drexel at Georgetown, 1 p.m.

La Salle vs. Miami or Southern Miss in Virgin Islands, TBA

Monmouth at Penn, 7 p.m.

College football

Eastern Michigan at Temple, 1 p.m.

Penn at Cornell, 1 p.m.

Villanova at Delaware, 2:30 p.m.




Eagles at Baltimore, 1 p.m.


Golden State at Sixers, 5 p.m.

College hoops

La Salle vs. Wisconsin, San Diego, Valparaiso or Iona in Virgin Islands, TBA



That is all for now.


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3 Comments on “Andy Reid to San Francisco?”

  1. top10sportslist Says:

    Can he take Lovie Smith with him? How the heck did the Bears beat the Eagles this year? The Bears looked like the worst team in the league last week,,but then again, the Eagles tied against..the second worst team in the league..what’s your 2 cents on “I didn’t know there could be a tie”..unbelievable..

  2. Anthony Says:

    The 1951 Phillies finished 5th, the 1965 Phillies finished 6th, after 3 straight division titles, the 1979 Phillies finished 4th, the 1981 Phillies lost that ridiculous strike-induced playoff to the Expos, the 1984 Phillies finished 4th (15 games out) and the 1994 Phillies finished 4th.
    To say that repeating and continuing to win are difficult is an understatement. It remains to be seen if this group can come close to doing what the Braves did.

    As for ticket charges, they all have them – even the cheap ones. No ticket is ever sold at face-value. Welcome to the real world of ticket buying.

  3. Zach Sanders Says:

    Thanks for the post! It was good enough to be used in the Breakfast Links post on MLB Notebook (


    Zach Sanders

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