McNabb got jobbed; bench Reid (update with Reid Monday PC)

Donovan McNabb got jobbed. Simple as that. He shouldn’t have been pulled.


That’s my evaluation after, doing my best Andy Reid, going back and looking at the tape.


Before giving my explanation, let me say that last week I called for the Kevin Kolb era to begin, mainly because I was tired of seeing the same-old, same-old week in and week out.


That said, McNabb didn’t deserve to get benched after the first half of Sunday’s 36-7 stomping by the Ravens.


The numbers say McNabb was 8-for-18 for 59 yards, 2 INTs and a fumble, but he wasn’t nearly as bad as the numbers would have you believe.



Not even close.


Go back and look at the tape and you’ll see McNabb made one bad throw under pressure, one bad throw with no pressure and one horrible throw (the Ed Reed INT).


So, basically he was benched for that. (BTW, extremely weak by Reid sending his QB coach to give McNabb the message. After 10 years, McNabb deserved to hear it from his head coach.)


What I saw on tape were receivers who are subpar, blockers who can’t protect and a coach who can’t call plays.


Worse than Andy Reid’s shoddy play-calling (why call a pass on 3rd-and-1 in the first half and, worse, on 2nd-and-goal from the 1-inch line in the fourth quarter?), is his talent evaluation.


How much longer do we have to put up with receivers (sans DeSean Jackson) who can’t get open, can’t catch when they’re open and can’t help their QB out on so-so throws?


How much longer to we have to watch play-calling that doesn’t believe in a running game?


How much longer to we have to watch tight ends who can’t block – or catch?


How much longer do we have to watch an aging offensive line give up constant pressure, of course not helped by the fact they are always playing on their heels due to the play-calling?


How much longer…you fill in the blank?


No, the problem isn’t McNabb – far from it.


The problem is the guy wearing the headset.


Andy Reid is the one who needs benching.



Reese, Quick blast Eagles: Merrill Reese and Mike Quick were none too happy with Reid’s play-call in the fourth quarter to pass on 2nd-and-1. Check the previous post to read what they said.



(Update 6:15 a.m. Monday)


ESPN heads blast Philly fans?: 610-WIP’s Rhea Hughes relayed that Chris Berman and Tom Jackson blasted Philly fans prior to Sunday’s game. Didn’t see it. Anyone have anything on this?



Sixers win: The Sixers got a nice performance by Elton Brand, defeating Golden State Sunday night. I was there but I’ll save my thoughts for another post. Today is all about the Eagles.


(Update 12:05 Monday)


Andy Reid names McNabb QB: Andy Reid named Donovan McNabb his QB Monday. Another bad decision. Every question was about McNabb, giving Reid a pass on his poor coaching.


For what it’s worth, here’s what Reid said:


Donovan McNabb will be our starting QB for the Arizona game on Thursday. Sometimes you have to take a step back to step forward in a positive way, and Donovan will do that. It has nothing to do with Donovan’s performance or Kolb’s performance. I think it was the right thing to do and I would not change my decision on that.


Donovan is going out to play, that’s what he’s doing. Sometimes it’s good to step back and look at things from a different angle. I expect him to go out and play his heart out.


I think I know Donovan McNabb probably better than anyone in this room. Six turnovers is not Donovan McNabb. That’s not his game, that’s no part of his game. You back up an inch and he should be able to step forward a mile.


He’ll work through this. I have confidence he’ll work through it. I’m telling you he’s my starting quarterback.


I’m not going to get into all that. I need to coach better. Donovan needs to play better and the guys around Donovan need to play better.


I can’t answer ifs, I’m not going there. I’m going with Donovan’s going to do it and that’s the approach I take.


I will make every decision for what I think is best for this football team. That’s the seat I sit in and that’s the way I’ll approach it.


We’ll see. We’ll see. I just think there’s a point where you step back and look at it. I always try to win the game. I’ll always do what’s best for the team. Don’t pick things out. Listen to the whole thing.


That’s not what we do. That’s how things are. I really don’t care what anybody else thinks. The coach coaches that player and he tells them and that’s how it goes.


I’ve been around Donovan for a long time so I trust he’ll get his part right and the guys around him will.


I talked to him afterward, as I did the other quarterback. At that particular time, you’re in a tight time situation….It’s not a matter of disrespecting Donovan.


It’s something I felt like I had to do at that particular time.


You can’t worry about all that. You get rid of the ifs.


I don’t want to leave here until you understand that. Donovan is the QB for this football team.




Monday sked



Sixers at Charlotte, 7



Dallas at Flyers, 7


College hoops

Saint Joseph’s vs. Texas in Maui, 3 …


…and Phil Martelli blogs about it.



That’s all for now.




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6 Comments on “McNabb got jobbed; bench Reid (update with Reid Monday PC)”

  1. Bob Says:

    ESPN did hammer the Eagles Fans, saying basically we forget the success Reid/McNabb have had, Super Bowl, playoffs, and we have become jaded to adversity. Mostly Tom Jackson, but Bermann joined in. They said MvNabb deserved more respect, this all prior to benching. Basically, as I see it, the Eagles have had a remarkable run, but its time to blow it up and rebuild.

  2. Aaron Bracy Says:

    Thanks, Bob. That’s a tired argument. That success was four or five years ago — an eternity in the NFL. Fans are reacting to what they see now — and it’s not good! -Aaron

  3. Bob Says:

    I see Reid as distracted from all his Family situations, and too his credit he’s never used that as a crutch, but its gotta be on his mind. He needs to chill for a bit and get that together, it so much more important than being in Baltimore on a Sunday. McNabb is a Bear waitin to happen. How about McNabb for Hester?

  4. Anthony Says:

    Blowhole Berman and Jackson said Philly fans would “rue the day” that Reid and/or McNabb left town.
    Coaches wear out, their systems go stale and quarterbacks go with them. Do the boobs at ESPN (including the PTI duo who said that McNabb starting on Thursday would cause Eagles fans to “boo him all the way to Jersey”) think that coaches last forever?
    When is the last time you heard a national commentator blast a coach? Never, because the national guys depend on coaches to get their info and if they criticize them, they won’t get any info. Simple. So, they kiss their ass from a safe distance without knowing anything about the local environment.
    When you hear the kind of nonsense that comes out of those guys (including Jon Miller, Joe Morgan, Buck and McCarver during the MLB broadcasts) it should cause you to take everything they say about OTHER TEAMS with a gigantic grain of salt.

  5. phils fan Says:

    REID MUST GO…simple as that…Donovan has not been on top of his game, but everyone that wanted Kolb in there isn’t going to see anything better. As far as Berman and Jackson I respect those guys a lot and I do think that Philly Fans get a bad rap, but even the national media is beginning to notice that it’s not the media it’s the coach…

  6. Tom Peters Says:

    McNabb could also be a Viking, especially if Childress needs to save his job. The Bears have a QB, the Vikings do not.

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