Reese, Quick blast Eagles

Merrill Reese and Mike Quick probably spoke for every Eagles fan when they voiced their disgust on the radio with Andy Reid’s play-calling in the fourth quarter of today’s 36-7 pasting by the Ravens.


You know the situation: The Eagles trailed by 15, 22-7, with 2-and-goal from the 1 with just under 8 minutes left. Reid elected to throw and Baltimore’s Ed Reed returned Kevin Kolb’s pass 108 yards for a TD, putting the game out of reach.


Here’s what Reese and Quick said:


Reese: “Why would you throw there? I cannot understand that. … I just don’t understand. Just keep it simple. … I am perplexed.”


Quick: “(The Eagles) are doing things that don’t make sense. The game is not rocket science. (Reference to Reid’s play-calling) make the game more complicated than it needs to be.”


The words on the computer screen don’t come across nearly as well as they did over the air. You’ll probably hear the clip, if you haven’t already, over the next few days.


Kudos to Reese and Quick. I’ve always admired Reese’s forthrightness (a word?) and appreciated his and Quick’s candor. It’s not always easy to be that honest when you’re working for the team.


I believe they spoke for every Eagles fan watching (or listening, as in my case).


More on the McNabb/Kolb/Reid controversy and the entire mess surrounding the team later.


That’s all for now.

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One Comment on “Reese, Quick blast Eagles”

  1. lousampolski Says:

    Thank you for posting this…maybe now people will realize than Reid is not the brightest bulb in the coaching world. Why throw and take the chance of throwing an int? because he is out to screw the eagles haha….How many times have we questioned his playcalling and how many more times will we have to before one of the higher ups gets the point?

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