Defending Philly sports fans

It’s a tired argument when you hear over and over again how Philadelphia athletes’ undoing are a result of the town’s “tough” sports fans.


I buy tickets and sit in the stands next to those so-called “tough” fans. I’ve been going to sporting events my entire life in this town, listening to sports radio, reading the papers and have worked in the media business here.


My take on Philly sports fans: They demand effort, they want a winner and they care about their sports as much as anyone in the country.


If anything, that makes them the best fans in the country – not the worst. Just ask the teams’ owners, who get rich based on the interest of the fans.


Do Philly fans boo? Absolutely. But so do fans in every other city in the country (OK, maybe not St. Louis!HaHa!). The bottom line is there are a few jerks in the crowd at every game, most of the time helped out by an adult beverage (or two, three, four or five).


But Philly fans are great fans and it’s bothersome to constantly hear them derided by people who don’t know what the heck they’re talking about…


Like some blogger named Tom Peters, who rips Philly fans on PCP Sports.


Here’s some of what Peters says:


“You’ve made (Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb) more unpopular than the current President”


“You don’t need a quarterback taking you to four straight NFC Championship games and one Super Bowl.”


My take: As for the first argument, fans have not made Reid and McNabb unpopular. Fans have questioned Reid’s coaching and McNabb’s play, especially lately, when they deserved to be questioned.


Have Reid and McNabb ever really been embraced in this town? No. Why? Because Reid and McNabb, through their press conferences, have made themselves very difficult to embrace. Reid comes across as arrogant and McNabb as aloof, making it hard for fans to like their personalities. Regardless of that, Philly fans would love the duo if they ever brought the town a championship (see Charlie Manuel).


As for the second argument, this is something you hear all the time. The Super Bowl was four years ago and those NFC Championships were four-to-seven years ago. That’s an eternity, especially in NFL years.


Sure, those guys have had success but you can’t base your present judgment on past success. That goes for anything, especially professional sports.


Moving on…



Sal Pal on Eagles: Sal Paolantonio, one of the best ESPN reporters, said on Mike Miss’s 950-ESPN radio show Monday that the Eagles’ decision to start McNabb Thursday is all about money.


He said management wants McNabb to start Thursday to ensure that fans will show up, reasoning that Kevin Kolb in the starting lineup will make the game seem like an exhibition and, thus, fans would stay home – especially given that it’s Thanksgiving.


And he felt the team needed McNabb to play to improve his trade value in the offseason.


My take: I like Paolantonio, but I think this is a stretch. I believe Reid is starting McNabb because he thinks it’s the best way to win. It probably is but, as I’ve said, I think the best thing for the organization is to end the Reid/McNabb era and see what Kolb can do.



(Update, 10:30 a.m. Tuesday)


FredEx delivers bashing: Ex-Eagle Freddie Mitchell criticized Donovan McNabb yesterday on 950-ESPN. I missed the interview but you can read about it here or listen here.



(Update 1 p.m. Tuesday)


Who are you thankful for? I’m going to do a Thanksgiving bit on Philly sports people I’m thankful for. Let me know who you are thankful for and I’ll include yours.

(update 4 p.m. Tuesday)

College hoops news: Darrin Govens hit a career-high seven 3s to lead St. Joe’s over Indiana today. Of course, it’s Indiana in name only this season.

Also, the A-10 has made some changes to its postseason tourney starting in 2010, with the big news being the final will be broadcast on CBS.



Tuesday sked


College hoops

Monmouth at Villanova, 7:30

Penn State at Penn, 7:30

Saint Joseph’s vs. Indiana in Maui, 1:30

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2 Comments on “Defending Philly sports fans”

  1. Tom Peters Says:

    You can’t expect McNabb to do everything on his own. Reid has made critical errors in not drafting top notch receivers and over relying on Westbrook and McNabb’s long lost mobility.

    To kill McNabb like you guys have been doing is dead ass wrong and you’ve gone way too far. Now that Reid has shown you life after McNabb, you have no right to call for his departure becuase he is still a top-12 QB in this league.

  2. Anthony Says:

    Sal is off target on the McNabb issue. He’s starting because he’s the starting QB, plus the short week doesn’t give Kolb enough time to prepare. I’d guess, if McNabb stinks it up again on Thursday that Kolb would start next Sunday.

    I’m tired of the abuse we get as fans. It’s the same old tired song, and when they haven’t anything fresh to add they bring up booing Santa. That crap is 40 years old – older than most of the writers.
    Maybe we care too much or maybe other fans don’t care enough.

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