So, now, it’s the wide receivers?


I had to chuckle while reading Bob Brookover’s article in Wednesday’s Inky in which two Eagles front-office “sources” (I believe Joe Banner gave himself away by using “unalterably” in a quote) backed Andy Reid while placing blame on the offensive line and wide receivers.


The wide receivers. You know, the ones who are good enough because the system will make them good enough.


Forget about adding a proven weapon (Anquan Boldin) or drafting a receiver that can make a difference, the Eagles’ philosophy – despite the screams of the majority of fans – has been to say you don’t need great receivers to win.


Now this…


“We’re dropping way too many balls,” the source said.


Amazing. Absolutely amazing.



Could tonight be the end of the Donovan McNabb era?



Sixers fall: Watched from courtside Wednesday night as the Sixers fell to the Magic, 96-94. The Sixers played well in the second half and got a boost from Marreese Speights (what a difficult name to spell!) and Theo Ratliff (remember him) in the second half.


And the Sixers look like a good team in the making, one that has a chance to make the playoffs and win a series, maybe two.


But…and this is a big but…despite the closeness of the game, Philly clearly is an inferior team to Orlando. They just don’t have the guns on offense and, maybe more than that, don’t defend well enough (especially from the perimeter) to be considered an upper-echelon Eastern Conference team.


I’ll still follow them all season because I love basketball and enjoy the NBA, but this is a team that has no chance of winning an Eastern Conference title unless some major changes are made at the trade deadline.



For whom are you thankful: Have received some responses to my post about Philly sports figures for whom I’m thankful. I’d love to hear from more of you.



Thursday sked



Arizona at Eagles, 8



Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of your families!



And Happy Birthday to Jimmy Rollins. We’re still not front-runners though!

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One Comment on “So, now, it’s the wide receivers?”

  1. Anthony Says:

    Interesting that Brookover chose to include the word unalterably – as though he wanted us to know who said it. Otherwise, it’s a useless adjective that only someone as pompous as Banner would use. It’s also funny because Banner used to be in the garment business, so it’s kind of a pun.

    Now that the Eagles have two first round draft picks, I’m curious to see if they trade them both away and once again tell us that they have no immediate needs. By the way, Asante Samuel was kind of a waste of money, wasn’t he? He’s a good player, but for that much money they could have helped themselves with two players.

    I guess Luries “pedal to the metal” philosophy includes driving 45mph on the interstate with the turn signals on. I can’t wait for him to say something else.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

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