I was dead wrong about Kobe

There are certain things you say in life that turn out to be dead wrong. It happens and there’s nothing you can do but admit you were wrong.


I was wrong about Kobe Bryant. Dead wrong. Thought he was overrated coming out of high school. Thought Tim Thomas was just as good.


I remember like it was yesterday having the debate during my college days at St. Joe’s. (Also remember playing intramural volleyball in the green gym in the Fieldhouse while Kobe was shooting by himself on the adjacent court.)


Anyway, watching him light up the Sixers for 32 points Wednesday night in the Lakers’ 114-102 win was proof again that there’s not a better player in basketball – maybe ever. Put Kobe in the argument with Jordan, Wilt, Russell and whoever else. This time I won’t argue against Kobe.


I mean, Kobe seems to be able to do whatever he wants. Bob Salmi said it perfectly on the broadcast that Kobe gets whatever shot he wants and gets to the line whenever he wants.


He had one highlight after another Wednesday night, but his play down the stretch was breathtaking – his drives that made it 105-97 and 110-97, respectively, and his step-back 20-footer that made it 112-100.




As for the game, I can’t come down too hard on the Sixers. They were overmatched, simple as that. It wasn’t just Kobe, either. Philly had no answer for Pau Gasol (22 points, 13 boards) and Jersey native Andrew Bynum (18 points) inside.


The Lakers are the best team in the league. No one ever thought the Sixers would win the NBA title this year, just compete for the East crown.


Andre Miller (26 points, 8 boards, 5 assists) and Andre Iguodala (19 points) played OK, while Elton Brand (3 points, 1-7 FG in 25 minutes) didn’t show up. Marreese Speights (5 minutes, 0 points, 0 boards), after a nice game Tuesday in Chicago, also was a big disappointment. Brand apparently injured his hamstring, so I’m willing to give him a bit of a pass.


After the first quarter, though, you never got the sense the Sixers really had a chance. Not with Bynum and Gasol inside, and especially not with Kobe doing his thing.


So, again, sorry Kobe. I was wrong. Dead wrong.



Temple tumbles: Didn’t see or hear any of the game, but Temple was pounded at home by Miami of Ohio. The Redhawks have played some solid competition tough in the early going, but there’s no way the Owls should lose by 16 at home to a MAC team.


On a side note, tried to get some pregame information on owlsports.com and the Web site was down Wednesday afternoon. Bummer.



Danny’s downer: Danny Briere can’t stay in the Flyers’ lineup this season, as the Flyer reportedly will miss another month after getting hurt Tuesday. Maybe this time he should wait until he’s healed before returning to the lineup.



Avery’s comments: By now you all have heard Sean Avery’s “sloppy second” comments. Didn’t put two and two together until tonight that his ex, Elisha Cuthbert, is Kim Bauer. Used to love 24, but the writers made a HUGE mistake when they wrote Kim off the show. (BTW, I stopped watching 24 when Jack Bauer’s ability to stay alive became more and more ridiculous.).



Pearl of wisdom? Caught some of Earl “The Pearl” Monroe’s interview with Jody Mac on 950-ESPN Wednesday morning. Enjoyed a lot of Monroe’s recounting of the glory days of Philly hoops. However, it’s a major pet peeve of mine when someone goes on the radio and starts right out promoting a product. I understand there’s an agreement between the station and the guest, but let’s start with the sports and then do the promoting. Not vice versa.


(update 9:30 a.m. Thursday)

Blogger’s paradise? Don’t expect the Inky’s Frank Fitzpatrick to start blogging anytime soon…

From today’s Morning Bytes column….

“If you want to know why most blogs remain the journalistic equivalent of cotton candy – insubstantial fluff – all you had to do was read a recent entry from allphiladelphiasports.com.


Thursday sked


Devils at Flyers, 7

Houston Baptist at Villanova, 7:30




In it, the clever blogger posits a scenario that includes both Kevin Kolb as the starting quarterback and the Eagles as contenders.

Those two events will converge when I win the Masters.”

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One Comment on “I was dead wrong about Kobe”

  1. Anthony Says:

    I watched a little of that Sixers game last night. Kobe was working his way through the Sixers lineup, taking each of them to basketball school. At one point a would-be defender slipped and Kobe waited for him to get up so that he could drive past him to the hoop. Of course, he drew a foul on top of it.

    I think there’s a mindset that kids coming out of high school or early out of college aren’t ready for the pros, but the way the world is now, people are maturing faster than we did. It’s true in a lot of areas, not just sports. Kids aren’t kids as long as they used to be.

    As good as he was when he came out of high school, Kobe is now a mature NBA player, and would probably drive past high school Kobe if somehow the two of them could match-up.
    The league was probably better when Kobe came out of high school, too. By comparison, Kobe is a man among boys today.

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