Strange turn for Birds

We all have had moments in life where we try and try and try to achieve something without success. Weirdly, the moment we stop trying so hard and let go of our expectations is when we finally reach our destination.


A little Zen-like, I know. But that kind of sums up how I feel about the Eagles.


The Birds looked unbeatable at times earlier this decade and many of us, me included, expected them to win Super Bowls. Then they fell flat in three straight NFC title games – the last two of which you really thought they should have won.


They finally made the Super Bowl in the 2004 season, but looked lost in the final five minutes and came up short. So disappointing.


This season was mediocre for stretches and awful for others. The Birds never looked like a championship caliber team. I wanted the coach gone and, while I thought he could still play, wanted the same thing for the QB.


Then, suddenly, they beat improbable odds and snuck into the playoffs – how could TB possibly lose to Oakland?! – by drumming the Cowboys in the regular-season finale.


Wins over Minnesota and the Giants later and all that’s standing in the way of the Super Bowl are the Arizona Cardinals.


The Arizona Cardinals.


I mean, come on. The Eagles already blew out the Cards this season and Arizona has no business being in the NFC title game, let alone the Super Bowl.


It might not be a cakewalk, but the Eagles will topple Arizona and reach the Super Bowl. Write it down – in pen.


That doesn’t mean I’m overly impressed with the Birds.


Andy Reid’s bunch looked great on defense Sunday. None more so than Brian Dawkins.


You saw the game, so you know, but it’s worth repeating that the aging safety was a force, the toughest player on the field. He had the Giants intimidated with his early hits. The D-line played superb and the linebackers were flying into the gaps.


But the offense, to me, was just ho-hum. I liked the fact that Reid stuck with the running game, and I was impressed with Donovan McNabb’s toughness in the pocket and some of his big plays on third downs.


Overall though, the offense lacked luster and the sharpness that you would expect from a team that will be playing in the Super Bowl in a couple of weeks.


I thought it was a game the Giants lost more than the Eagles won. Eli Manning looked lost. I’m still trying to figure out how he’s a Super Bowl winning QB.


The funny thing is I don’t even think the Eagles will have to play much better Sunday against the Cards because Arizona isn’t nearly the team the Giants are.


All I can say is strange, very strange.


(update 11:15 a.m. Tuesday)

Re Chris’ comment on Dawkins’ hit: Chris: You’re probably referring to the hit on Ward. It was borderline. I’m all for sportsmanship, but football’s a violent sport and I think what he did was OK. Of course, I darn sure wouldn’t have wanted to be on the receiving end!

Wing Bowl or Super Bowl? I tuned in to WIP early Monday morning hoping to get the fans’ vibe on Sunday’s game and all I got was talk about wingettes and Wing Bowl. Sigh! Couldn’t click over to 950 fast enough — even if it was Mike & Mike.

Where’s the hoops coverage? Anyone else notice the lack of coverage of college hoops in the Inky this year? I miss the once-a-week full page Mike Jensen used to write.


That’s all for now.

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One Comment on “Strange turn for Birds”

  1. Chris Says:

    Brace – you have a typo in your posting. You said that Dawkins intimidated the Giants with his “early hits”. I didn’t watch the whole game, but more than once I saw B-Dawk come in a bit late (and spear a running back who was already down at one point). He is an intimidating player, but it is a fine line between tough and dirty.

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