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Phils’ Romero, Lien both to blame

January 7, 2009

Phils’ J.C. Romero came out Tuesday and defended his actions in using an over-the-counter supplement that turned out to contain a banned substance and has resulted in the reliever’s 50-game suspension.


The bottom line, based on Romero’s comments to Phil Sheridan in the Inky, is Romero and Phils strength coach Dong Lien erred here.


Romero, as can be understood, wasn’t sure if the product contained anything illegal so he took it to Lien. Lien, in turn, said Romero should get a second opinion, so Romero took it to his personal nutrionist. Meantime, Lien sent the product to MLB for testing.


Stop right there.


Shouldn’t Lien have sent the product to MLB right away and advised Romero to hold off on using it until he got a response? I don’t understand how a strength coach would proceed otherwise. And I don’t understand how Romero, knowing that MLB has cracked down on this whole thing, wouldn’t want to first get the OK from MLB. Forget about his “personal nutrionist.”


I’m willing to take Romero at his word that he didn’t know what he was using was illegal. But I’m not willing to relieve, no pun intended, him of blame. This case should be a lesson to all pro athletes – and athletes at every level – to be sure to get proper approval before ingesting anything into their bodies.


And of Lien, he should have provided better advice for Romero. I can’t believe that the Phillies (that’s organization and players) can trust him going forward.


On another note, the Phils have signed Marcus Giles. The former Atlanta 2B gives the team some insurance should Chase Utley’s recovery from hip surgery linger and should rookie Brad Harman struggle as Utley’s fill-in. Giles’ offensive decline is a concern. He’s a career .277 hitter but here’s a closer look at his average:







2008-Out of baseball


There could be a reason for the decline. I won’t speculate but I have my own suspicions for the dropoff. I’ll leave it at that. Still, I think it’s a good signing for the Phils.


Next up: Spring Training, February


Sixers story (14-20): While Tuesday’s 104-96 victory over Houston was encouraging, the Sixers’ 1-5 Western road trip was not. Philly looked much better Tuesday, but not sure what to make of the 21-15 Rockets.


The Sixers have major flaws that need to be addressed at the trade deadline, none more glaring than their inability to shoot the 3. They are last in the NBA at a woeful 29.4 percent from the arc. The lack of a 3-point threat hurts the Sixers because teams consistently can play under the pick and roll, which takes away the drive to the basket. Let’s hope Ed Stefanski can add a few pieces at the deadline.


So, Tony DiLeo’s record stands at 5-6 after Tuesday and the interim coach says he sees the Sixers going in the right direction. I haven’t seen it. Still, the league – and especially the Eastern Conference – is so mediocre that they still have plenty of time to find a groove and make the playoffs – for whatever that’s worth.


Oh, and Elton Brand could be back in two weeks. I’m interested to see if DiLeo’s input will have a positive effect on Brand.


Next up: at Milwaukee, 8 p.m., Wednesday.



That’s all for now.


Brad Lidge wants another title

November 18, 2008


Interviewed earlier today on 950-ESPN, Phillies closer Brad Lidge says neither he nor his teammates will rest after winning the World Series this year:

 “You’ve got to find a way to make yourself hungry. We have a chance to do something pretty special (and be) looked at as one of those teams, you don’t want to use the word dynasty, but has a chance to make a run at a couple more of these things.”



 Hearing Lidge was a welcome diversion from the Eagles.


 You can listen to the entire interview on 950’s Web site.


 What really does D-mac deserve? I agreed with much of Ashley Fox’s column in today’s Inquirer but took exception to this sentence:


 “McNabb deserves a graceful exit.”


 I don’t agree that McNabb deserves anything. If anyone deserves anything, I believe Eagles fans deserve a team that puts its best possible team on the field every week (notice I didn’t say they deserve a championship). As stated before, I believe that means putting Kevin Kolb in at QB.


 Maybe if this was high school or even college sports, McNabb would deserve to play out his career. But this is the pros. It’s a cutthroat business, something everyone involved understands. McNabb has made a lot of money and has all the notoriety and fame that goes with being a star pro athlete. He’s set himself up for a successful career in broadcasting, if he wants, after he’s done playing.


 But deserve to play out the string? No, he’s gotten plenty already.


 That said, I’m a McNabb fan and hope he goes to another team next year and plays well. I think he’ll do just that, especially if the system is more suited to his game.



 A good column: While we’re on the topic of Inky columnists, couldn’t agree more with Phil Sheridan about writers having no business being involved in MVP and other awards voting. 


 Drexel-Penn game: Watched and/or listened to most of the Drexel-Penn game today. Loved the 10 a.m. start time. Seemed like the DAC had lots of energy. Maybe those early starts could become more prevalent.


Drexel won an entertaining game, 66-64, in its season opener, but will have to improve its foul shooting (53 percent) and 3-point accuracy (25 percent) to be a factor in the CAA this year.


Update (12:40 a.m. Wednesday): According to Soft Pretzel Logic blog on, Bruiser Flint made some strong comments to his Big 5 brethren, saying those schools need to play Drexel in home-and-home series or the Dragons won’t play them.


I couldn’t agree with Flint more; it’s only fair that the other schools play home-and-homes. If they don’t, Flint shouldn’t schedule them.



 La Salle tries to improve to 2-0 tonight against visiting Florida State.

Update (12:40 a.m. Wednesday): La Salle dropped to 1-1 with a 65-61 loss to Florida State.


Wednesday sked


Sixers at Minnesota, 8 p.m.

College hoops

Niagara at Villanova, 7 p.m.

 That’s all for now.